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Raghav Juyal Phone Number


About Raghav Juyal :


Indian artist and choreographer who rose to acclaim on the third period of Dance India Dance. Despite the fact that he was dispensed with right off the bat, his tryout video turned into a web sensation on YouTube and he came back to the show as a special case. He completed third. He’s known for the Slow Motion Walk, his mark move.

Prior to Fame

In spite of an absence of expert preparing, he tried out for DID Season 3 out of 2011, which eventually prompted his fame.

Incidental data

He featured in the 2014 Bollywood motion picture Sonali Cable. His stage name, crocroaxz, is a blend of the words crocodile (solid) and cockroach (unpleasant).

Family Life

He was conceived in Dehradun to Deepak Juyal and Alka Bakshi Juyal.

Related With

Rajasmita Kar and Pradeep Gurung completed in front of him in DID season 3.

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