Dua Lipa Phone Number Pop Singer

Dua Lipa Phone Number


About Dua Lipa :


English pop vocalist known for her singles “New Love,” “Be the One,” “New Rules” and “IDGAF.” She initially picked up prominence singing spreads on YouTube.

Prior to Fame

She filled in as a server while living in London without anyone else’s input at age 15.

Incidental data

Her family moved from London to Kosovo when she was 13. She came back to London to seek after music.

Family Life

Her folks are Kosovar. She was enlivened to seek after music by her dad, a performer named Dukagjin Lipa. She has a sister named Rina and a sibling named Gjin. She has been involved with LANY frontman Paul Klein and British cook Isaac Carew.

Related With

Lana Del Rey helped deliver Lipa’s first single, “New Love.”

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